Certified Organic Hemp Fines


Certified organic hemp fines are the liner of the hemp hull, the soft inner hull. 

Makes a more dense, soft, quiet hull pillow.  This filling is supportive and contouring but without the rustle movement and sound of a buckwheat hull pillow.  

The feeling is that of memory foam without the spring.  

Great for aromatherapy pillows (add a few drops of your favorite essential oil), stuffed animals, or mattress toppers.

Note that hemp fines do have the ability to dye the fabrics they are contained in green!  Especially if the materials are exposed to moisture. Perhaps hemp fines could be used to create a permanent natural dye?  

The 40 and 10 lb bags comes certified organic, the 1 pound quantities will come repackaged from the 10 pound bags and therefore will not carry the certified organic label.  

8 pounds fills a 10" X 30" neck pillow, 15 pounds fills a 20 X 30 pillow insert

Inserts sold separately here


Reviews are coming in!

"It’s moldable more than ANY memory foam pillow I’ve had, and as soft as any latex or memory foam pillow (just no “spring”, which is a good thing).  THIS is the pillow filling of all pillow fillings!!!

Jeanna from Austin TX


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