Use Feng Shui to reduce EMF radiation in your bedroom. Possible cause of cancer developing on left side of bodies in US.

Feng shui, invisible EMF radiation from your bed, cancer prominent on the left side of the body in the US.  It all sounds like something you would hear from an Alex Jones radio show.  But science is now backing up what Feng Shui Masters seem to have always known.  Keep metal out of your bedroom, especially out of your mattress and bed frame. 

Research has shown that there is a higher rate of cancer on the left side of the body in the US compared to Japan and other Western countries. The reason is quite amazing because it has to do with how we sleep.  People, in general, prefer to sleep on their right sides over their left side. This may be because sleeping on your right side puts less pressure on the heart and your heartbeat is also less audible in this position. Cool huh?

The theory is that in the US we sleep on a lot of metal from coil springs in our mattresses and box springs to our bed frames and headboards.  Add in the WIFI, TV, computers and cell phones and we have created a room akin to a huge antenna which concentrates the radiation centered and about 2' over our box springs hitting us continously on our left hip every night if we are sleeping on our sides.

In the West folks sleep differently.  Futons placed on the floor + construction that uses clever joinery versus metal fasteners + bed placement according to feng shui recommendations. 

Read more about this topic at Scientific American:

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