Make Your Own DIY Handmade Mattress

Hemp Sand Mattress July 23 2020

A hemp sand mattress? 

I have long enjoyed the benefits of sleeping on buckwheat hulls.  They provided restorative deep sleep for me and my family for over a decade.  I always said that my pod style buckwheat hull mattress could last a lifetime and it would have if I had not discovered hemp hulls

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress January 19 2020

We found the best solution to fix a sagging mattress.  Have a mattress that dips in the middle? Have a mattress that feels too soft and is hurting your back? Wondering what you can make from an old mattress? Want to know how to make your mattress bigger? This FIX will do the trick.  Adding a layer of hemp hulls is all you need to do!  Read more here in our step by step...
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