Make Your Own DIY Handmade Mattress

DIY side car crib, photos just in! January 16 2018

This project is clever in a few ways.  First is, in purchasing an organic New Twist mattress + bed frame kit, this couple also created a side car crib by simply not trimming down the boards on one side and adding the center support kit below.  They also used a combination of 2X4's and 2X2's instead of 2X3's because their Home Depot did not have them in stock.   When their...

Kapok, Spelt Hulls, Seaweed and more to come! January 01 2018

Happy New Year 2018! We are starting the new year by offering some NEW and exciting natural, vegan upholstery fillings available this February for a limited time and limited quantities as we will be testing the US market for these fillings. Here is a preview of just 3 but there is actually more filling options than this coming as well so keep a lookout here for more details. Beautiful new fillings coming soon as a...
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