Linking Pillows hit the scene

How much fun is THIS going to be?  I have spent literally the last month playing with a new product, Linking Pillow Cases.

Some days I am braiding them, others I weave, then some days I knot or twist.  Yes, there are many creations that I stand back and look at, shake my head and say "...nah".  But that is ok because I simply undo them and start another design!  

My hope is that we will encourage you to make your own linking pillow cases!

So far we have two fabrics in stock for this new product:  durable natural canvas and soft organic white sateen fabric.  The cases are being sewn as I type.

Our goal with this product is to create a local sewing group to take over the production.  We hope to open up the gates so they can run wild with bright colors, denim, upcycled materials, and possibly even wool - in addition to our standard fabrics.

If you want to learn how to design with Linking Pillows, we have started a class on Skillshare.  Here is the link:  Go there now and get twisting!

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