Will sensors in our pillows, connected to our iPhones be the answer to a better night's sleep? February 11 2016

Patricia Marx's New Yorker article In Search Of Forty Winks is a light take on the latest crop tech gadgets to send us off to dreamland. Spoiler Alert: Sleep is something people have been doing forever because it's as essential to living as food!

A lot of OYEB customers are finding that hull mattress' and pillows are the answer to a better night's sleep, but if any of you out there would like to share some before and after data from your Sleep-O-Matic 3000 brainwave mapping app or some such device, we're all ears.  

Photo above is from Chrona Sleep, a product that we have been asked to try.  We are admittedly curious to see how our sleep data differs when sleeping on hulls versus other mattress and pillow materials.