New Modular Pod design

Our new design is exciting as you can add pods on in any direction to make your mattress wider, longer, or even a different shape!  The organic cotton pods are each filled with the same amount of organic buckwheat hulls and are woven together by organic cotton straps that are hidden underneath the mattress.

I can see an L shape configuration with an ottoman to make a mattress that can pose as a sofa during the day. A round mattress?, maybe!  

We are very excited to see what everyone does with this new design.  

We also are showing a preview of a new DIY bed frame idea we have been playing with.  It is in the testing process;  kids are jumping on it daily. We will keep you posted on how it holds up and we hope to have this design ready for sale within the next few months.  

The design is clever because we will only sell the vertical, side panels which contain a pre-routed slot.  You purchase, find, scavenge the horizontal lumber locally to make this a very affordable bed frame that anyone can assemble.  Also the frame, like our mattress, can be made to fit any room because it can be made to a variety of custom widths and lengths!  

Think of it, a mattress AND bed frame that can grow with your children or can easily adapt to a larger or smaller space!



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