Sourcing Hulls locally / Reducing shipping costs / Custom shipping quotes / Canadian orders

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Can I source my hulls locally to save on shipping?  Do you have any recommendations for a hull supplier in my area?   

We cannot recommend another hull supplier within the US.  We have not found any sources for certified organic, non roasted hulls that either beat our price or work in our kits.   

Our kits have been tested with our hulls only and we cannot guarantee your kit with work using another source for hulls.  Be careful when sourcing your own hulls. There are a lot of inexpensive "junk" hulls on the market today.  Even suppliers who roast their hulls (usually means they are inexpensive, imported hulls) are now claiming their hulls are not roasted, just heated for sanitary reasons.  This means they are roasted.  There are also different grades of hulls and some are only suitable for use in landscaping.   The assembly instructions are based on the weight of our hulls and if sourcing hulls elsewhere you may have to adjust hull amounts to get your mattress assembled correctly.  Some suppliers hulls are too dusty for use in bedding, so make sure to order a small sample amount before committing to buying hulls for an entire mattress.

How can I save on shipping costs? 

We work hard to negotiate our rates with UPS often in order to pass the savings onto you.  

If you are ordering multiple mattresses or have a friend nearby who would like to order hulls at the same time (and delivered to the same location), we would be happy to work on a reduced freight shipping rate for you, just ask! Hulls over 210 pounds can be shipped ground with lower freight pricing and if you have a commercial address (with no residence at same address) that you can ship to, this will save you the additional $29, residential surcharge.  Contact us with exactly what you will be having shipped and the address.  We can even email you a custom order with your new shipping price.

I am in Canada and I see you cannot ship hulls outside of the US.  Can you recommend a source within Canada For hulls?

Here are some retail outlets within Canada that sell buckwheat hulls.  

(We do not have any affiliation with these stores nor do we monitor the quality of their hulls).   

Quebec: Club Organic 514-523-0223, Ontario:  Grain Process 1-800-387-5292 

We do ship kits and other fabric items to Canada often.

Kits ship via US Post International Priority Mail 6-10 days + local delivery time.

Duties and taxes are calculated and charged in Canada by your postal carrier (we cannot estimate).   

If you would like to place an order from Canada, please send us your shipping address + exactly what you will be ordering so we can send you a shipping quote.  You can send your inquiry to us at

I live outside of the US or in a remote area of the US and I see you do not offer to ship here. Can I get a custom shipping quote?

We cannot ship hulls outside of the contiguous US.  If you have received a message that we do not ship to your address inside the US, this means the high shipping cost of the hulls does not make the purchase practical.  Please feel free to contact us if you still wish to order and we will send you a shipping estimate. Please email us your full shipping address, and exactly what you plan to order.