New Twist Mattress verses Original Twist / Questions on older designs

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Which mattress do you recommend The New Twist or the Original Twist?

We recommend the New Twist for your everyday mattress.  The New Twist is a kit anyone can assemble because it does not need to be sewn.  The tubes tie shut and the end straps are tucked under your mattress.  The New Twist Mattress has a lot of stretch which allows the hulls to move a bit more freely which adds to the comfort of the mattress. 

The Original design instructions are still here to purchase as the design is so beautiful.  The mattress it creates using canvas is a bit on the firm side and the project is much more involved than the New Twist.  The pdf e-book for the Original Twist includes a printable pattern to make your template from.  There is a lot of sewing involved in this kit and fabric is of course not included.  We no longer sew this kit as the cost of the labor alone bumped the price of this mattress out of the reach for most DIY customers. We sell this pattern often and can only imagine the beautiful applications the twist pattern is being applied to.  

What happened to your older kit designs?

In order to keep up our inventory to meet growing sales, and be able to design future products, we realized we needed a standard design.  We combined the best aspects of all our previous designs into one, lower priced kit we now call The New Twist Kit.  It is by far the easiest kit to assemble and uses the least amount of materials for the lowest price point we could offer.  

If you currently have an older Twist mattress version and need any spare tubes, please feel free to email us at and we can help you.