Moving with my New Twist Mattress and ideas for small spaces. Can I roll up my mattress?

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Do you think I should wait until I move to order or make my mattress?  Are they very heavy for one person to move?

The New Twist mattress is modular so you make the mattress right on the frame or in the location where you want it.  It is not recommended to move your mattress in one piece.  The beauty of the New Twist design is it is modular.    If you need to move, simply un-weave your mattress, box up your pods and off you go!  

Have you ever had to maneuver a mattress up a narrow stairway or up a few flights of stairs?  Well this is very easy with a New Twist Mattress.  Carry as many or as few pods as you feel comfortable doing in one trip.  One person can easily move a Twist mattress of any size by themselves.  Also, your boxed mattress will stay nice and clean during your move.  

Can I roll up my mattress? I live in a small studio and need to put my bed away during the day.

We do not recommend rolling up your hull mattress.  They are heavy and awkward to roll once assembled.  The New Twist mattress is not a good recommendation for someone who needs to move their mattress around on a regular basis.  Our body pillows (toppers) roll up nicely and many customers have made roll up guest beds and studio beds by layering toppers or layering a topper over a natural latex foam remnant (check for remnants)