Can I buy a New Twist Mattress already made?


Can you sell a mattress already made?                                                                                                                              BACK TO FAQ INDEX


Now what would be the fun in that?  Really, we cannot as we are not a licensed bed manufacturer. That does not mean you couldn't find someone handy you know to put one together for you! 

We are a DIY mattress company and our mattresses really suit a customer who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves.  The New Twist Mattress may need some troubleshooting, re-working, re-making during it's lifespan and by selling our mattresses in a DIY kit form, we know we are selling to a customer who can take on any small challenges a hull mattress may present.  

By making your own mattress you know what is in your mattress.  Think about those mattresses with the nicely stitched up tickings. How do you know for sure what is inside of your mattress?  Answer:  by making it yourself with the best materials you can find.