Kapok by the pound

Soft as kitten's fur, kapok is a plant material foraged from the seedpods from the Ceiba Pentandra tree from Indonesia.

Fluffy and extremely lightweight, kapok is great for filling pillows, duvets, cushions, or any upholstery project needing softness.   Kapok naturally deters dust mites.

Compared to synthetic fiber fill, live-plucked down, or shredded latex, kapok is the more environmentally conscious, kinder, more natural choice.  


Kapok is extremely soft which makes it a perfect replacement for down in pillows and comforters.  It is a lightweight filling that is good for larger projects that need bulk without adding too much weight, like the base portion of an all natural bean bag chair.  

Kapok can always be re-fulffed if it packs down.

Working with kapok has a slight learning curve to avoid a room filled with fluff.  Kapok's only goal is to be airborne, so when working with kapok it is a good idea to cover your mouth and wear protective glasses to avoid small kapok fibers from being breathed in or getting on your eye which can be an irritation.

Working outside is always the easiest solution but here, we work with kapok by fluffing it inside the case we are filling with the opening as small as we can make it.  A fan on low, pointed away from the work table helps divert any fibers that escape away from the worker.

Linen fabric and kapok is an elegant combination you have to try!


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