Bulk Non-organic Buckwheat Hulls


We have listed one damaged box on sale for 10% off.  The poly bag containing the hulls was torn during shipping but no hulls were spilled or lost.  Choose the Scratch and Dent Bag below. 

BULK Non-organic Buckwheat Hulls  $2.25 - $2.50 / LB 

You will receive a huge 35 lb box of super clean, non roasted, buckwheat hulls which are wonderful for filling mattresses, toppers, pillows or other cushions.  

The 35 pound minimum quantity ensures you a great bulk rate. 

Finding affordable, quality hulls can be challenging as most online vendors sell imported hulls in small quantities.  

Can't decide between a millet hull and a buckwheat hull pillow?   Check out our  New!  Ultimate Hull Pillow Kit  New! 

We do not recommend using another supplier's hulls to fill your New Twist Mattress as our instructions are based on using our certified organic hulls.  If you do source hulls from another supplier, please be extra careful to order hulls and not "whole buckwheat, hulled" as this is the edible part of the plant.



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