Natural Filling Store Sample Box


Nature provides us with all the comfort we need.  

We've just forgotten where to look.

Upgrade the fillings in your home to ones that have been harvested directly from rich, dark soil.

Free your environment from harmful chemicals.

Share your new experiences with ancient comforts.

Engage all your senses for natural stress and pain relief.

Order your sample box today.

Explore, touch, smell, & fall in love.



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Visit our sister store Natural Filling Store to learn more about each material this exciting sample box contains.  If you would like less than a full box of samples, you can more options here.  Included:  (a generous handful of each)


  1. Buckwheat hulls  

  2. Lavender millet hulls

  3. Rubber infused millet hulls

  4. Rubber infused seaweed

  5. Rubber infused spelt hulls

  6. Thermal stones (cherry pits)

  7. Kapok 

  8. Raw US grown hemp fiber


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