Bits, bobs and broken bags.  

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Currently available: 

10 Pounds Non-Organic Buckwheat Hulls from a broken bulk bag @ $1.80 / lb.  

The bag had some spilled hulls but only the hulls that remained in the bag will be sold, the hulls that spilled on the floor will be used for mulching our warehouse flowers!   2 bags sold, 1 remaining


Low bench / coffee table kit prototype pieces.  These boards work similar to our bed frame kits as you simply slide 2X3 lumber through the slots to create a very sturdy and attractive piece of furniture. Each kit contains 3 boards. All kit pieces may have a minor scratch, dent, or blemish on them but any small flaw will not be noticed once your piece is assembled.   

Thirteen 2X3's were used for this entry bench.  2X3's are not included, you would purchase them locally. To create this project you will need to order the bench kit + one pack of 8 wedges below. Cushion and accessories shown are not included.  We used a millet hull filled pillow insert wrapped in a wool sweater for our cushion!  

The bench's overall depth is 21 1/2" and it is 11" high. The seat height is 8 1/2" + the height of the cushion you choose.  You decide the length by how long you cut your 2X3's (we cut ours to 76").   Most big box stores will cut the 2X3's for you so no tools are needed to assemble this kit.  I did use a hammer to really set my wedges but this can even be done by hand.  

View the 3-step assembly guide here.

Makes a very nice, modern, coffee table as well.  Reach out to let us know what you think or if you have any questions. 2 kits sold, just 1 remaining! 


(Photo shows two pieces but the kit includes three!)


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