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Mixed bag mattress kit fabric.  These pieces are a mix of different fabrics. Most are organic cotton but they may have a few non-organic pieces from years past included. These pieces fit the description of our shorter kit tubes but are on the border of pieces that may just make a 5 lb pod.  They should not be pre-washed if you plan on fully filling them as the cotton will shrink in the wash by 13%.  The come wrinkled and looking a bit out of shape but once filled there is no visible difference from our standard tubes!

46 pieces left ($1 per tube!)


Scratch and Dent Bed Frame Kit - $100 OFF (one available)

A few dings and scratches but 100% structurally sound.  Once made the frame is assembled, the imperfections would hardly be noticeable!  

*Idea - This is a great deal if you were planning to paint the boards with milk paint (Milk paints absorb into the wood like stain making them perfect for use on our bed frame kits.  Building up a thick layer of a latex paint on your pieces would make assembly difficult and is not recommended).






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