Make Your Own DIY Handmade Mattress

Natural materials to use in DIY Bedding and Mattresses. A Comprehensive List. February 16 2020

We will update this list as we are always learning.    This list is not in any particular order and we sell many of these fillings but not all. Please contact us if you have anything to add! (remember it must be all-natural, nothing manmade or synthetic unless it is an upcycled material.  Air and water are omitted as they need to be encased in a synthetic material for example) Wool...

Can You Make Your Own Mattress? February 16 2020

Luckily in the United States mattresses and upholstered furniture laws pertain only to the manufacturer. This is how Martha Stewart can legally create TV shows and magazines feeding us with the ideas and step by step tutorials on how to make our own rag rugs, upholstered benches, wall coverings, pillows, mattresses, and headboards while skipping the step of soaking the materials in flame retardant chemicals. “Ideas, concepts, and how to's"...
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